GALA Projects

Photo: Daniela d'Arielli

GALA projects are articulated around artistic labs and sustainability workshops. GALA partners also engage themselves to measure the carbon footprint impact of the overall project.

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National symposium NL

Jan van Eyck Academie Sustainability symposium Netherlands date tbc The Jan van Eyck Academie is going to organise an artist lab targeting the Dutch cultural field, to put sustainability on the agendas of funders, policy-makers and on an institutional level. It will showcase work of artists and designers as case…

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River School

Translocal Institiute The River School Project Hungary 4 October 2014 – 4 October 2015 The Translocal Institute will organise a floating artist lab called the River School Project. The floating lab on the Danube involves artists, theorists and ecologists to explore issues around art and sustainability, the parallels between navigation…

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