What is GALA?

GALA partners at Tramway, final meeting in Glasgow

GALA – The Green Art Lab Alliance is a partnership between 19 European cultural organisations which aims to explore what environmental sustainability means for the visual arts and design. All partners believe that it’s time for culture and the arts to take responsibility in their own innovative and artistic ways.

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Our vision for the Green Art Lab Alliance

A European creative and cultural sector that plays a significant role in creating an environmentally sustainable Europe through the artistic work it produces and presents, the way in which it runs itself, and through its engagement with the wider public. GALA addresses global problems by identifying realistic steps the arts…

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Defining Sustainability

photo by Ellie Davies

There is no one way of defining, thinking about, or being sustainable and what the GALA project shows us is that there a multitude of ways in which sustainability can be explored, interpreted or engaged with by artists, artistic organisations and audiences. See our artistic projects page (link) as an…

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