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  The second research trip in the Dark Ecology project will take place from 25–29 November 2015. Participants will travel to Kirkenes in Norway’s northern extremes, visit the neighbouring town Nikel (just across the border in Russia), and travel to the largest city in the far north: Murmansk (Russia). Deadline:…

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Ars Kozara : Nature laboratory and AIR


Ars Kozara is both an Art in nature laboratory and an AIR (Artists in residence) program. It is being held at the National Park “Kozara” from 2007, in Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Deadline: 19 July.

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Playwright competition 2015


The project, organised by the Philippine Centre of the ITI and the UNESCO, deals with the topic “Confronting Climate Change and Defying Disasters”. Deadline: 31 August.

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Unifiedfield Nomadic Artist In Residence Program in The Philippines


Access to The Unifiedfield’s Nomadic Artist-In-Residence program in The Philippines is open to all artists, filmmakers, musicians, writers and curators without restriction, but priority will be given to artists working on relational, site-specific, environmental, mobile and travel-based projects on the experimental and interdisciplinary fringes. Ongoing deadlines.

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