The River School – Translocal

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Translocal Institiute The River School Project Hungary 4 October 2014 – 4 October 2015 The River Symposium on Art, Ecopower and the Liberation of Energy considers the political, social and ecological proportions of the river and examines it as a site of power. While appreciating the natural strength, kinetic energy…

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More than double glazing – Jan van Eyck Academie

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Van Eyck at Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam: Symposium Sustainability in the Arts Ecological awareness and commitment to sustainability are major societal issues, but in the art world they seem to be playing only a minor part. The symposium MORE THAN DOUBLE GLAZING gathers inspiring speakers from across the world who…

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The Artistic response – GALA artists labs


Eight artists labs are being organised within the framework of GALA. These labs address key components of environmental sustainability through artistic work, research and debates. The aim is to come up with methodologies and innovative, experimental, and artistic approaches to address sustainability in the visual arts and design. How do…

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Stories of Change – TippingPoint


Tipping Point Stories of Change Oxford, UK 21-22 September 2014 The ‘Stories of Change’ project, by Tipping Point, aims to help to revive stalled public and political conversations about energy by looking in a fresh way at its past, present and future. The project draws on the arts to encourage…

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Consortium Instabile – Pollinaria


Consortium Instabile is an experimental architecture, radio, research and public programme aiming to form an expanding network of knowledge about rural regeneration by actively engaging interconnected rural communities with profound creative thinkers.

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Open Seminar – Riksutställningar, Visby, Sweden

Swedish Exhibition Agency Riksutstallningar Open Seminar 22 May 2014 The Swedish Exhibition Agency hosted an open seminar with lectures and discussions about art in an ecological, sustainable and exhibition production context. This lab was organised during the second GALA partner meeting and in close collaboration with Julie’s Bicycle. All presentations…

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Ecology Lab Tbilisi: Discover Eliava Market – GeoAIR

GeoAIR Discover Eliava Tiblisi, Georgia June – July 2014 Within the framework of a GALA artist lab, GeoAIR invited the Moscow-based art and activist group Partizaning for a two month residency. The group created the project “Discover Eliava”. The focus was on researching Eliava’s local market and involving the local…

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Ecology Lab Warsaw, Umschichten Studio – Ujazdowski Castle CCA

Ujazdowski Castle Warsaw, Poland October – December 2013, June 2014 The Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdoswki Castle invited the German architects from the collective Studio Umschichten for a two month long residency in the framework of the GALA project. The Stuttgart-based collective of architects explores the relationship between architecture and…

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Floating Lab – Cape Farewell

Cape Farewell Orkney to Shetland 19 August – 8 September 2013 Journeying from Orkney to Shetland via Fair Isle, Cape Farewell’s floating lab considered the relationship between people, place and resources in coastal and island environments. The role of community and local knowledge within developing social and ecological resilience was…

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