Raw Earth Art Workshop in France (Burgundy region)

Raw Earth is a hands-on workshop for creative improvisation in sculpture, using materials found in nature to create installations variously known as land art or site specific works within the parks and public green spaces of Le Creusot, France.

Through its affiliation with the International Video Dance Festival of Burgundy the workshop offers the added level of collaborating with artists from the disciplines of video dance and performance to create events centered on and inspired by sculptural works in the landscape.

The workshop is open to professional visual and performing artists from all media, as well as university art students, who wish to engage with natural spaces as a source of both creative materials and the site of art making itself.

Practical aspects will involve discussion of techniques and materials and most importantly, hands on building, either individually or collaboratively, of improvisational sculpture within the landscape, using found and natural materials in an ecologically sensitive manner. One day of the workshop will be dedicated to a creative collaboration with dancers and filmmakers from the International Video Dance Festival of Burgundy in order to create a short experimental film that will be screened publicly at the end of the workshop.

Inspiration will be provided through the presentation of historical and contemporary land art images and brainstorming/discussion sessions for all participants.

In addition to daily workshop activities, participants have the possibility to attend free screenings of the International Video Dance Festival of Burgundy in the evenings. This year’s screenings are dedicated to an exploration of the “the politics of space”, including ecology.

Check the details here (scroll down to reach the information on the workshop)

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