GALA Projects

GALA projects are articulated around artistic labs and sustainability workshops. GALA partners also engage themselves to measure the carbon footprint impact of the overall project.

Van Eyck kick-off meeting - Maastricht, June 2013

Van Eyck kick-off meeting – Maastricht, June 2013

Sustainability Workshops
GALA workshops bring together cultural professionals, artists and policymakers to share knowledge and develop a shared vision for an environmentally sustainable future.

Artist Labs
GALA labs address key components of environmental sustainability through artistic work, research and debates. The aim is to come up with methodologies and innovative, experimental, and artistic approaches to address sustainability in the visual arts and design. How do artists engage in the discourse of sustainability?

Carbon Footprinting
In order to manage environmental impacts its important to start by measuring. This will always help you understand where your biggest impacts lie, and how they’re changing over time. With this philosophy in mind, GALA has committed to measuring the environmental impact of its associated events, and those of the key partners. By measuring (and engaging with) these environmental impacts we hope partner organisations and participants will make more informed decisions about their travel and accommodation plans, leading to a lower environmental impact

Read more about the GALA project here.

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