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image.phpThe second research trip in the Dark Ecology project will take place from 25–29 November 2015. Participants will travel to Kirkenes in Norway’s northern extremes, visit the neighbouring town Nikel (just across the border in Russia), and travel to the largest city in the far north: Murmansk (Russia). Deadline: 1 October. The programme includes presentations of new commissioned works by HC Gilje, Margrethe Pettersen, Joris Strijbos, and Hilary Jeffrey, as well as lectures, discussions, guided walks, and concerts. More names will be announced soon. The Dark Ecology journey is for artists, theorists, designers, curators, scientists, writers, makers, and researchers who operate at the intersection of art, science and music, and who are interested in rethinking notions and concepts such as ‘nature’, ‘culture’, ‘ecology’ and ‘society’, and exploring new descriptions of the current ‘state of affairs’.

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