GALA Workshops

The Green Art Lab Alliance (GALA) workshops bring together cultural professionals, artists and policymakers to share knowledge and develop a shared vision for an environmentally sustainable future.


Led by Julie’s Bicycle, leading environmental experts in the cultural community, the workshops are developed collaboratively with local partners and aim to:

  • showcase best practice for sustainability in cultural venues, festivals, exhibitions and productions, artist residencies and touring work;
  • explore the role of different stakeholders, such as cultural funders and policymakers, in supporting the transition to a more environmentally sustainable cultural economy;
  • develop a shared and diverse vision of what a sustainable future looks like for culture and the arts;
  • identify actions that can be taken individually and collectively to make this vision a reality;
  • share tools and resources to enable action.

The workshops are designed to inform and empower cultural practitioners to deepen their understanding of environmental sustainability, and take action.

We hope the legacy will be a loose network of committed, imaginative and knowledgeable cultural ambassadors leading change across Europe.


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