Berlin: Sustainable support of Artist Mobility

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On the Move
Workshop on green issues for the sustainable support of cultural mobility

Berlin, Germany
12-13 March 2014

This workshop – co-organised with OTM members, ITI- Germany and IGBK – targeted cultural policy makers in Europe, and also public and private funders who are interested in including green criteria in their support of culture and specifically cultural mobility. The participants were provided with an overview of different ways to embed environmental criteria into cultural funding. This was achieved through sharing the tools, resources and methodology used by various funding bodies, such as the Arts Council England, which has included environmental reporting in its funding agreements since 2012.

The participants could interact with the audience of another training session for ecological and sustainable cultural supported by the German Federal Cultural Foundation (Kulturstiftung des Bundes) which targeted German leaders and stakeholders in the performing arts. The participants had finally the chance to visit the sustainable cultural venue, UFA Fabrik, in Berlin. A report on the results, resources and key ideas shared during the workshop was afterwards shared with representatives of foundations, ministries and art councils in Europe.

Download the workshop report here.

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