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Glasgow Arts
Creative Carbon Scotland

8 April 2014

In October 2013, Creative Carbon Scotland and Glasgow Arts started a series of monthly seminars called Green Tease, bringing artists and sustainability experts together in Glasgow. The overall aim is to provide time and space for artists, as well as artistic organisations and sustainability workers, to think about art and environmental sustainability. Additionally the seminars share information about projects exploring the intersection between the two areas that are taking place around the city. Each seminar features a speaker with an artistic or environmental background to present how environmental sustainability is embedded or interpreted within their work. The aim of these seminars is to offer new perspectives to the participants and encourage cooperation between artists and scientists.

The Green Tease session on the 8th of April took place within the framework of GALA, in cooperation with Julie’s Bicycle. Please read more about this session here:

Download the report of the workshop Green Teas(e) here.

More information:

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