Floating Lab – Cape Farewell

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Cape Farewell

Orkney to Shetland
19 August – 8 September 2013

Journeying from Orkney to Shetland via Fair Isle, Cape Farewell’s floating lab considered the relationship between people, place and resources in coastal and island environments. The role of community and local knowledge within developing social and ecological resilience was explored.  The pivotal focus of the project was to develop a lasting culture between artists, communities, and cultural platforms, contributing to the GALA goal of network building and cross-form advocacy.

The floating lab was designed to build bridges between disciplines, and to extend the capacities, reach and interconnectedness of participating artists.  The floating lab has created an established network of knowledge exchange across disciplines, sectors, art forms, and communities. Beyond the lab’s conclusion, this network aims to instil artists with the confidence and capacity to act as key participants in a rapidly evolving discourse around human futures, creating new work as the lab’s enduring legacy. Curatorial partnerships have been advanced with pioneering environmental and cultural organisations across the Northern Isles and Scottish mainland, and an exhibition of the resulting works will embark on a national tour.

Download the report of the floating lab – Cape Farewell here.



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