Ecology Lab Warsaw, Umschichten Studio – Ujazdowski Castle CCA

The Dark Side - Umschichten Studio

The Dark Side – Umschichten Studio

Ujazdowski Castle

Warsaw, Poland
October – December 2013, June 2014

The Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdoswki Castle invited the German architects from the collective Studio Umschichten for a two month long residency in the framework of the GALA project. The Stuttgart-based collective of architects explores the relationship between architecture and social space. They rearrange, recycle and re-use materials, space and people. Umschichten explored the venue of their residency and its architecture, and worked in close collaboration with the local artist Tymek Jezierski. The results of this residency has been presented in the Dark Side publication in early 2015.

Download the report of the Ecology Lab here.

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