Ecology Lab Tbilisi: Discover Eliava Market – GeoAIR

Discover Eliava project - GeoAIR

Discover Eliava project – GeoAIR

Discover Eliava

Tiblisi, Georgia
June – July 2014

Within the framework of a GALA artist lab, GeoAIR invited the Moscow-based art and activist group Partizaning for a two month residency. The group created the project “Discover Eliava”. The focus was on researching Eliava’s local market and involving the local community to create a participatory event/intervention. The group invited street artists, tactical urbanists, cycling activists and Tbilisi-lovers to a lecture about Partizaning tactics and a discussion about the urbanization of Tbilisi.

Partizaning is a movement, a collective, and a website. Partizaning documents examples of art-based activism, interventions, and urban planning from around the world. The collective believes that the increasingly shared socio-political realities and dissatisfaction, can be strategically addressed using art-based ‘partizaning’ tactics. The aim of the group is to explore the role of art as a practical tool for inclusive city regeneration and social activism. It evolves out of the cultural, political and social crisis facing contemporary Russia. The collective provides documentation and analysis of the role of art in reshaping public spaces, cities and human interactions – globally.

Download the report of the artist lab Discover Eliava at GeoAIR here.

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