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Photo: Daniela D’Arielli

Consortium Instabile is an experimental architecture, radio, research and public programme aiming to form an expanding network of knowledge about rural regeneration by actively engaging interconnected rural communities with profound creative thinkers.

Consortium Instabile
June 2014 – March 2015

The programme is conducted by a consortium of farmers, artists, researchers and activists in synergy with local communities, in an effort to provoke the imagination and define common action towards a sustainable relationship between people and the rural space.

A fantastical architectural intervention within an oak forest, conceived and built by artists Futurefarmers, serves as a platform for exchange and gathering, a broadcasting base for a radio channel and a growing archive of content related to the debate about the future of rurality. At the same time, the structure hosts a consortium of farmers / seed custodians committed to research, preserve and share rare and ancient seeds of cereals originally grown in different areas of Europe.

In Abruzzo, as well as in the whole of Europe, a sustainable approach to the land is a primary issue and way toward the ecological revitalisation of rural territories and communities. Consortium Instabile is founded on the broad engagement of the rural citizens as agents of change in this fundamental process, who will generate, share and articulate inspiring knowledge about the future of rurality, also through the engaging and pervasive means of the radio. This pivotal role will be played in alliance with exponents of the cultural field and by connecting this local experience with further european contexts.

Consortium Instabile’s exploration of the theme of sustainability in European rural contexts within the Green Art Lab Alliance has greatly developed through collaborations between Pollinaria and project partners Cape Farewell, Creative Carbon Scotland and Geoair.

The name Consortium Instabile and the concept behind the project revolves around the idea of instability as a natural condition, defining the human consortium through history as well as species involved in agriculture, like wheat, at their innate and uncontrolled state. As the ability of interaction between things offering always further possibilities, instability is essential to the organic world. The project conceives instability as an agent of sustainability and regeneration in the rural environment.

Download the report of Consortium Instabile here.

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Photo: Daniela D’Arielli


Photo: Daniela D’Arielli


Photo: Daniela D’Arielli

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Photo: Daniela D’Arielli

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Photo: Daniela D’Arielli

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