The Artistic response – GALA artists labs

Eight artists labs are being organised within the framework of GALA. These labs address key components of environmental sustainability through artistic work, research and debates. The aim is to come up with methodologies and innovative, experimental, and artistic approaches to address sustainability in the visual arts and design. How do artists engage in the discourse of sustainability?

The artists labs are organised by Translocal Institute, Art Motile, GEO AiR, the Swedish Exhibition Agency, Ujazdowski Castle, Pollinaria, Jan Van Eyck Academie and Tipping Point. These GALA partners represent artists’ initiatives, grassroots organisations, residencies and art academies across Europe. The partners work out topics for their individual lab, based on their expertise and knowledge of the needs and interests of the local and regional artists, in relation to environmental sustainability.

The labs respond to their respective contexts. Consequently, they take various artistic and theoretical forms: a floating lab on the Danube, an expedition to the Scottish islands, an artistic study of a local market in Tiblisi, a treehouse project in the Italian countryside, dialogues between artists and scientists, the architectural analyses of a sustainable community or a seminar on mobility in the visual arts. The collaborating partners curate the labs’ content in ways that fit their profile, policy and ambitions, and to build on previously acquired knowledge. The labs are public events and provoke an interaction between artists and scientists, policymakers and locals.

Within the context of the GALA project, the labs are closely related to the workshops and activities of the other GALA partners. The labs therefore function as hotbeds, inspiration, best practices and will generate new content and tools for the more practical workshops on sustainability.

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