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artforurbanecologyGALASee the report by Creative Carbon Scotland after the GALA final meeting in Glasgow on 12-14 March 2015.


gala funding guideDiscover the GALA funding guide!

The GALA funding guide is a first inventory of public and private, international, European, national, regional and local funds, calls and initiatives that can support arts and culture projects on environmental sustainability. With this guide the GALA partners hope to help artists and cultural professionals to access funding to experiment and develop sustainability projects and facilitate future European cooperation and activities linked to sustainability and the arts. The funding schemes, resources and tips were collected by GALA partners and through an online call. The overall research was coordinated by On the Move and supported by COAL.



Discover ArtCOP21!

In December 2015, thousands of civilian actors, climate based foundations and NGO’s will descend on Paris  for COP21 – the 21st United Nations conference of climate change. The agenda of COP21 is primarily scientific and political, the question is will they achieve the necessary  global agreements that will address the seriousness of the climate challenge. ArtCOP21, initiated by COAL and Cape Farewell, will stage city-wide cultural events that address climate as a people challenge and work to create a cultural blueprint of positive and sustainable change. GALA  will be particularly associated to the Professional Workshop part of ArtCOP21.


13th of December we are publicly launching the Green Art Lab Alliance Asia with a Julie’s Bicycle workshop as well as with talks from 8 art collectives across Asia. Find more details here.


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