Reflection on the GALA project

GALA partners at Tramway, final meeting in Glasgow

GALA partners at Tramway, final meeting in Glasgow

GALA commissioned Judith Staines, freelance writer, researcher, editor and project manager based in the UK and specialising in European cultural cooperation, Asia-Europe arts and culture and international mobility, to do an external evaluation of/reflection on the GALA project.

J.Staines analysed the GALA project, the learning process and challenges, the outcomes, results, the good practices and options for the future. In her report she gives her vision on how the arts can relate to sustainability and how the GALA project dealt with the challenges of building up a sustainable knowledge alliance.

In her evaluation she not only looks back at the achievements of the GALA project, but also includes  recommendations for future projects and policymakers. It is a very useful document for anyone interested in further engagement with the subject and can serve as a tool for future collaboration projects.

Access the document here:

GALA – a gathering ground for people, creativity, ideas, knowledge and learning. A call to action on arts and sustainability (pdf, 29 pages)

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