Our vision for the Green Art Lab Alliance

Treehouse at Pollinaria, built during GALA in the Consortium Instabile lab

Consortium Instabile – Treehouse at Pollinaria

A European creative and cultural sector that plays a significant role in creating an environmentally sustainable Europe through the artistic work it produces and presents, the way in which it runs itself, and through its engagement with the wider public.

GALA addresses global problems by identifying realistic steps the arts and cultural sector can take to help create an environmentally sustainable Europe which will meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


To establish GALA as a pan-European network which uses creative research and imaginative thinking to help create a sustainable Europe.

What we want to achieve:

GALA’s programme of work aims to produce the following outcomes:

  • Establish a European-wide network of individuals and organisations working across the creative and cultural sector and environmental sustainability.
  • Engage the European creative and cultural sector in promoting environmental sustainability through the work it produces and the way it operates.
  • Explore the role of artists and arts organisations in creating a sustainable Europe.
  • Enrich public understanding of sustainability through provocative artistic works and debate
  • Increase/enhance the exchange of views and practices of sustainability between artists and institutional bodies in the cultural and creative and cultural sectors

GALA objectives:

To develop a common understanding of environmental sustainability in the creative and cultural sector through the artistic work it produces and presents, the way in which it runs itself, and through its engagement with the wider public.

  • To provide practical tools and information regarding environmental sustainability between European partners by sharing knowledge, common tools, guides, resources and good practice.
  • To increase the number of cultural organizations in Europe measuring and reducing their carbon emissions and implementing effective environmental policies.
  • To explore new business models which take environmental sustainability into account in, especially, touring and (art) shows/international travel



  • To explore artistic and creative responses to environmental sustainability
  • To create new opportunities for artists to explore these themes with audiences.
  • To foster new collaborations between individuals and organisations from a broad range of disciplinary and professional backgrounds and in depth engagement with environmental sustainability.
  • To explore the potential opportunities and barriers that artists face when applying environmental sustainability to in their practice.


  • To showcase the outcomes of the GALA project which engage EU citizens in the role of arts and culture in creating a more environmentally sustainable Europe.


  • To advocate the relevance and importance of the role of the cultural sector in influencing a more sustainable Europe to policy frameworks.
  • To develop standards and legislation for the cultural sector on environmental sustainability.
  • To establish shared values which will actively contribute to future projects and collaborations.


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