Interesting readings

photo by Weiping Zeng

photo by Weiping Zeng


Articles & Blogs

The Ashden Directory: New metaphors for sustainability: metaphors for the continuation of life 

Elisabeth Braw, 2013: Artists have unique knowledge and must claim sustainability power

Rachel Briscoe, 2013: Theatre in a giant Emmental powered by exercise bikes – why ever not? 

Adam Corner, 2013: The ‘art’ of climate change communication

T.J. Demos, 2012: Gardens Beyond Eden: Bio-aesthetics, Eco-Futurism, and Dystopia at dOCUMENTA (13)

T.J. Demos, 2009: The Politics of Sustainability: Contemporary Art and Ecology

Brian Eno: The big here and long now 

Maya Fowkes and Reuben Fowkes, 2014: The Principles of Sustainability in Contemporary Art 

Sacha Kagan, 2012: Toward Global (Environ)Mental Change. Transformative Art and Cultures of Sustainability 

Ruth Little, Audio Recording: Stewardship, connections and ecology: contexts for the development of talent 

Donella Meadows, 2000, Beautiful World: A Bridge between the Arts and Sustainability 

Richard Pettier, 2012: Theatre should not talk about climate change 

Rebecca Potts 2009: Art and Climate Change: The Relevancy of Art and the Roles of Artists in a Changing World


Reports & Studies

Agenda 21 for culture, 2004

Anne Douglas and Chris Fremantle, 2007: The Artist as Leader

ASEF/culture360 Arts: Environment. Sustainability. How Can Culture Make a Difference 

Adrienne Goehler and Jaana Prüss, 2012: Conceptual Thoughts on Establishing a Fund for Aesthetics and Sustainablity 

Julie’s Bicycle, 2010: Long Horizons: An Exploration of Art and Climate Change 

Julie’s Bicycle, 2014: Sustaining Creativity

Smart Museums of Art, Chicago, 2005: Beyond Green Towards a Sustainable Art

The living stage: A case study in ecoscenography  by Tanja Beer

UNESCO, 2012 Culture: a Driver and an Enabler of Sustainable Development

EU Policy handbook on artists’ residencies (GALA is mentioned on page 32)

Greening the Arts, A set of principles for Greening the Arts that emerged through the 2014 Greenie-in-Residence program at Arts House


General sustainability readings

The Brundtland Report, 1987: Our Common Future 

Tim Jackson, 2009: Prosperity without growth: economics for a finite planet

National Geographic: Map of international carbon footprints

UN Conference on Sustainable Development, Earth Summit 2012, Publication of outcomes in The Future We Want

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