Carbon Footprinting

photo: Rosemary's

photo: Rosemary’s

In order to manage environmental impacts its important to start by measuring. This will always help you understand where your biggest impacts lie, and how they’re changing over time. With this philosophy in mind, GALA has committed to measuring the environmental impact of its associated events, and those of the key partners. By measuring (and engaging with) these environmental impacts we hope partner organisations and participants will make more informed decisions about their travel and accommodation plans, leading to a lower environmental impact. Partner organisations are also encouraged to consult the resources of Julie’s Bicycle to understand what they can do to reduce the environmental impact of their GALA events, and broader activities. 

Julie’s Bicycle have free resources available to help cultural organisations reduce their environmental impacts across a broad range of activities. Please consult the Julie’s Bicycle website for more details. They have also developed a unique set of online carbon calculators, the Creative IG Tools. These Tools are specific to the activities of cultural organisations (covering offices, venues/ cultural buildings, outdoor events, tours and productions) and currently have over 2,000 users. The Tools help organisations monitor their environmental impact, and compare themselves to industry benchmarks established by Julie’s Bicycle. The Tools are free to use and can be accessed here:


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